3D Models

3D Scale Models

Accurate models are often the best way to illustrate an attorney’s point and expand on the details of the specific case. This gives the jury the confidence they need to reach the right decisions. Our re-creations convey the necessary message to a jury, succeeding where standard two-dimensional images or computer animations do not. They can assist in making your case easier to understand, while captivating the audience.

Visual Evidence (VE) created a riveting replica of the 2000 Lonz Winery deck collapse long after the accident scene had been cleared. Using hundreds of photos of the mayhem taken by law and safety officials, media, witnesses and insurance companies, VE crafted a detailed one-twelfth scale model of the aftermath of this tragic summer afternoon that killed one and injured 75. Our 3D recreation allowed the jury to experience the scene much more personally and intimately than by viewing photos alone – and helped deliver a favorable verdict for our client.

Our custom built 3D scale models can be shipped or delivered by our VE staff to ensure proper set-up in the courtroom.