Interactive Multimedia

Visual Evidence was the first company to create an interactive multimedia presentation for trial in a Federal Courtroom. Since then, we’ve never stopped being a leader in delivering innovative demonstrative evidence solutions for our clients. Seasoned litigators know that immediate access to critical information in a strategically designed format can be essential in eliciting a favorable verdict. Interactive presentations serve as a repository for demonstrative evidence exhibits. They are designed for rapid retrieval of courtroom evidence and can be the deciding factor for the jury. Regardless of the type of case, seamless communication of the facts is vital. Visual Evidence offers three formats of multimedia presentations, all of which are unlimited in size, scope and usage, and can incorporate photos, audio, documents and all other forms of evidence.

Our three interactive multimedia presentation formats are:

Chronological Presentations – Events are laid out in sequential order as supported by documentation. The controlled release of this information enables the jury to concentrate on the point at hand.

Educational Presentations – Our educational presentations assist attorneys in explaining complex business concepts, medical issues, and the intricacies of product liability and patent matters, and are often used to support expert witness testimony.

Experiential Presentations – These point of view presentations are particularly beneficial for litigation matters involving accident reconstruction, industrial accidents and cases dealing with interpersonal conflict.