Courtroom War Room

Courtroom and War Room Support

Skilled, reliable support is vital to the trial process. Our experienced Courtroom Presentation Specialists, or “hot seat” operators, understand the importance of their role and strive to make the preparation and presentation of trial exhibits and demonstratives as seamless and painless as possible. In addition to proficiency in a wide range of graphics and presentation software packages such as PowerPoint, Trial Director and Sanction.

Our hot seat operators are accomplished designers and will work with your trial team to create a winning presentation. They are available before, during and after each day in court to assist with revisions and updates to ensure that your message is on-point at every stage of the litigation process. They can synchronize video with transcripts, and even create last-minute video clips as needed during trial. Our hot seat operators have the experience and professionalism to remain cool under pressure in what can be a highly stressful courtroom environment. They are also technicians who know the “ins-and-outs” of set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting war room and courtroom equipment from start to finish.

Full range of equipment and services: in the war room, the proper equipment is critical. From technology such as laptop computers, monitors and high-speed printer/copier/scanners, down to essentials like legal pads, pens and post-its, Visual Evidence has you covered. In the courtroom, high-quality A/V equipment such as projectors, speakers and monitors ensure that the jury is seeing and hearing what you need them to.

Anywhere, USA - Visual Evidence has a robust inventory of rental equipment that can be shipped anywhere in the country. For equipment too large to ship, VE works with an established network of national vendors and rental services. Our team manages and coordinates the delivery of all equipment and supplies, on-site set-up, 24/7 maintenance throughout trial, and tear-down when trial has come to an end. All you have to do is celebrate your victory.