Audio Video

Audio, Video, Photo and Print

Audio enhancement and filtering, regardless of format, can improve clarity on sound derived from surveillance tapes, police dispatch recordings, police dash cams, cell phone and video recordings. We also provide audio deposition editing for trial that can be incorporated into Trial Director or Sanction trial presentations.

Our experienced videographers provide professional quality video services for purposes of incident re-enactments, day-in-the-life presentations, and to accompany expert witness testimony regarding accident reconstruction and witness perspective. Videos can also be used as an alternative to on-site jury review when a live visit is not possible.

Visual Evidence (VE) can also provide synchronized audio and video depositions with accompanying transcripts for use in trial presentation software or in VE created interactive presentations.

VE can provide scene documentation through photography for use in trial demonstrative exhibits that can also be used for preservation of case related information.

Visual Evidence also provides large format black/white and color printed boards for use in trial, mediation and arbitration. For an interactive approach with printed boards, we can apply a laminated wipe-off surface to illustrations, diagrams and over-sized documents. This allows an attorney or expert to mark-up or draw on the exhibit, which creates focus for the jury.