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Charts, Graphs and Timelines

Charts and graphs are some of the most relied-upon tools in litigation matters. Our powerful visual tools can range from simple charts and graphs to complex diagrams and illustrations for use in such cases as:

  •   Accident diagrams

  •   Patent and intellectual property disputes

  •   Product failure and liability

  •   Construction and Zoning matters

  •   Toxic materials and chemical-related cases

Timelines are another compelling part of your courtroom visuals. Litigators must be able to clearly explain what happened, when it happened, and how it happened. Custom timelines can help present complex information in an organized and easy-to- follow manner. Through your text, photos, maps and calendars, our clear, concise timelines allow you to effectively guide a jury through the events of a case at a pace that maximizes a jury’s comprehension and retention of key events.

Custom timelines are particularly effective for:

  •   Medical malpractice claims

  •   Contract disputes

  •   Product liability suits

  •   Industrial accidents

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Experienced litigators know that evidence displayed as charts, timelines and illustrations often remain on view in a courtroom longer than other types of media, and that jury comprehension can increase when the key facts of your case remain within view.

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