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Visual Evidence Corp. was giving attorneys the upper hand in captivating jury members long before television shows dramatized courtroom proceedings and news programs aired live trial coverage.

The company, based near Cleveland in Valley View, Ohio, is so adept at providing vivid, easy- to- understand and compelling visual aids that many cases settle before going to trial when opposing counsel sees what would be presented to a jury.

A case in point: The law firm of Weston Hurd in Cleveland retained the company in a wrongful personal injury case involving a stamping press operator whose arm was severed while using a 90-year-old machine.

Manfred Troibner, the president and co-founder of Visual Evidence, constructed a nine-foot stamping press that cycled up and down in accordance with the rhythm of the original machine. The model featured safety guards that matched those used at the plaintiff ’s place of employment. After opposing counsel saw a demonstration of the model, a settlement was reached without proceeding to trial.

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