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Visual Evidence Moves Offices to Valley View; Now Offers State-of-the-Art Videoconferencing to its Litigation Clients December 28, 2012 (Valley View, Ohio) . . .Visual Evidence Corporation, the region’s most recognized trial presentation and courtroom evidence firm serving the legal industry for over 27 years, announced today the relocation of its offices to 8555 Sweet Valley Drive, Suite A, in Valley View. VeDISCOVERY LLC is remaining downtown at its current W. 9th Street location.

“Our staff of 9 as well as our trial evidence production studios has moved to facilitate the continued expansion of services we offer our litigation clients,” says Manfred Troibner, Principal and Founder of the firm. “We outgrew the space we were sharing, and will now be able to deliver more services to legal teams preparing for trial.” Earlier this year, the trial services and electronic data discovery company split into two legal entities, Visual Evidence and VeDISCOVERY LLC, to better focus on their respective markets.

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